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Child Nutrition
Ages 6-12. Charts, fun ideas, and easy ways to keep your child from risk.
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All dietary choices welcome!
What to avoid, how much weight you should be expected to gain, etc.
Personal Nutrition
General health, and trying to gain a lifestyle best fit for you.
Email me anytime!
I am just a click away for any questions
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Everyone has different needs. What I like to do is start off with an email consultation, and we'll go from there. Let me know what you are looking for. Do you prefer email? Direct mail? Or do you have any dietary choices? Such as vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Every person is slightly different from the next, and one person who simply has a question, will differ from the person who wants to go more in depth.

Consent & Liability Form: Will be mailed to you directly with a return stamp. You can take a clear photo of the form before we begin & send it to me, but I still need the form mailed back as well. It can also be emailed, printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back to me as well. 

Consultation: $5
Services: $10 - $50 max

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Email me anytime!

I am just a click away for any questions